Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a national website where teachers from all over the country post projects for their classroom.

Teachers post projects they need help funding – some teachers need wiggle seats, some need materials for a unit or project, some need classroom books.

Donors Choose is a way for family and friends to support Bradley – they can donate directly to your student’s classroom. AND it gives the community a chance to support Bradley teachers.

Check out Donors Choose to see what projects our teachers are working on for the classroom.


In Septemeber, through the Donor Choose Grant Program, PTO closed out 9 teacher projects (provided the last amount of funds for projects, up to $300 per project)!

Since the start of the 2020-2021 school year, PTO has closed out a 13 projects, for a total of $2,807.41 spent helping fund teacher projects and enhance our Bradley classes!

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