Fun Run Information


Bradley Fun Run – September 28, 2018

During Your Child’s Specials Time

The 2017 Fun Run was more successful than ever and raised over $20,000.  

Mr. Hoffer is hosting the Booster Fun Run again this year. This type of event will allow ALL kids to participate whether they raise money or not, they will get a snack and satisfaction of running as many laps as they can in 20 minutes! Also, their laps will contribute to the classroom total of laps. There will be prizes for individual accomplishments as well as the student body as a whole.  This is definitely something ALL kids can get behind! Your teacher should be providing you with your class’s specials time next by race time.

This fun run is a pledge based fundraiser. You can donate a flat rate or you can pledge per lap rate. If your child runs 10 laps and you pledge $1 a lap, you’ll owe $10. We encourage you to ask family members and close neighbors to sponsor your child in this fun run event. More information will come home in Friday folders on September 15 with a newsletter explaining the pledge based program.

Track will be 50 yards for younger kids, 150 yards for older. Kid will run for 20 minutes and try to get in as many laps as possible. Each time around, they will get a mark from a marker on their lap counter. There will be a balloon archway, music will be playing and this will be a fun day for everyone to participate in.

All kids will receive a snack and water will be provided.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!