Click HERE for photos from past Bradley Fun Runs!

A big thank you to our 2019-2020 Fun Run sponsor Chuze Fitness for providing each kid with a color changing water cup!

Fun Run – Spring 2021 (TBD)

The Fun Run is one of our BIGGEST fundraising events of the year! Past years we have raised over $20,000 each year!

How it works

In a typical year, the Fun Run occurs in the fall, hosted by our very own amazing Purple Flash (aka Mr. Hoffer). The event is held throughout the day, which each grade participating during their specials time.

The Fun Run is for any and all kids to participate, whether or not they raise money, and no matter their running ability. Kids get an exciting day to spend with their grade, the satisfaction of running as many laps as they can in 20 minutes, plus snacks, giveaways and all the water they can drink! There are prizes for individuals, grades and the student body as a whole.

The kids run a track on the Bradley playground field: ~50 yards for younger kids, ~150 yards for older kids.

How we fundraise

The Fun Run is a pledge-based fundraiser. This means that family, friends, neighbors, anyone, can pledge a dollar amount for each lap your child runs, OR they can make a flat rate donation.

For example, if you pledge $1 for each lap and your child runs 10 laps in the 20 minute session, you will owe $10 total – or you could just pledge $10 as a flat amount. Pledges are typically gathered on a Fun Run folder that is sent home a few weeks before the run in the Friday Folders. We are hopeful in creating an online pledge/payment option in the future – stay tuned!

It is exciting and fun for your child to ask family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor them to run in this fun event.